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Douchebag Public Figures–Taro Aso

Every once in a while, a politician so bad comes along that he inadvertently empowers an opponent in a future election. George W. Bush was such a politician, and Japan’s current Prime Minister may be one also.

Bush said plenty of embarrassing things while in office. In all fairness, most of them were grammatical errors justified through the slip of tongue. Taro Aso, on the other hand, has had a long history of gaffes before even taking office—all of which qualify him as a douchebag.

For example, Aso conforms to the racist douchebag archetype. In 2001, he said that he wanted to make Japan a country where “rich Jews” would want to live. In addition, The Kyodo News reported that he said “Our predecessors did a good thing,” regarding compulsory education during Japan’s colonization of Taiwan.

Like most douchebags, Aso’s own nationalistic arrogance disassociates him from reality. On October 15, 2005, before an opening ceremony for the Kyushu National Museum, he boasted that Japan has “one culture, one civilization, one language, and one ethnic group” and further claimed Japan was the only such country in the world. He completely ignores that Japan is a multiethnic society comprised of Koreans, Taiwanese, and indigenous Ainu to name a few.

His family’s business reinforces some of his own racist tendencies. The Aso Mining Company used 300 POWs of British, Dutch, and Australian descent in their forced labor camps. In addition to this, over 10,000 Koreans conscripts worked for the mining company under brutal conditions with little to practically no pay. The Aso family basically made their fortune from exploiting slave labor. Taro Aso, in a bid to remain consistent in his character, refused to so much as acknowledge or even apologize for the controversy.

Aso’s shining moment was when he potentially prevented Japan from electing their first minority Prime Minister. In a private meeting of the Kono Group, Taro Aso said that “Burakumin can’t become Prime Minister” in reference to Hiromu Nonaka of the Japanese diet.

Hiromu Nonaka, a previous contender for the head of office, was a descendent of the Burakumin, a group of feudal era untouchables. The Burakumin to this day suffer from heavy-handed discrimination to the extent that in practice, they’re a virtually a seperate ethnic minority from the Yamato as a whole.

Prejudice aside, it’s his misuse of the Japanese language, which places him within a fully negative light. He misread several speeches and said “stench the apology for war” in place of “support the apology for war.” In separate instance he referred to meetings with China as “cumbersome” instead of “frequent” as he originally intended. This has led to many comparisons to America’s own former President Bush for his various grammatical errors. Some even speculate that his verbal blunders may have boosted the sales in grammatical textbooks.

What encompasses him fully as a douchebag is that he places his own personal ambitions above the good of the many. Various members of his party insisted that he resign for the good of the Liberal Democratic Party. He refused, giving the DPJ, Japan’s largest oppositional party a scapegoat for the country’s ongoing problems.  As a result, Japan will see the first major shift in power in over 40 years as a result of this douche’s incompetent public image.


Douchebag Public Figures-Takazumi Hikichi

I don’t know WHO this guy is or WHAT he does, but I’m adding him on a matter of principle.


Just browse through his blog. It’s like a Japanese version of Hot Chicks with Douchebags.

He even has a facebook.

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