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Douchebag Public Figures–Umair Haque

Every end of the political spectrum has its share of conceited journalists. After all, opinion pieces require conviction in one’s beliefs. However, they rarely breach the level of arrogance as Umair Haque in his article, “The Generation M Manifesto.” This article claims that a progressive generation is on the horizon, ready to quash the selfish, narrow-minded ideologues of the past. Instead, he comes off as douchey as the very people he hates.

Haque criticizes the Baby Boomers for their excess, but never names them as such, because he doesn’t know what he’s writing about. In fact, he’s so confused with his generational taxonomy that he seems to hash the Baby Boomers, Generation Jones, MTV, X, and Y into one amalgam. What’s more, the article consists of bumper sticker slogans rather than any reinforced evidence to his claims.

Like most douchebags, Haque is infatuated with himself and his “generation” despite his articles invalidity. His readers are too blinded with self-love to even detect his bullshit. The article panders to a group of people who fancy themselves as the new elite.

Haque is completely wrong all the way down to his invented label. It’s not Generation M, it’s more like Generation ME—an entire generation of narcicists. The embracement of his “argument” merely reinforces the notion that America’s still undergoing a narcissism pandemic. His readers are so in love with themselves that they’re ready to concur that they’re the country’s salvation, even if it’s spoken from the mouth of a hack.

Granted, parts of Haque’s post could have some legitimacy. Barack Obama’s presidency coerced more people into public service, but there’s no evidence that this is an on going trend. Even if there is, Haque should have cited statistical examples. He has no idea what he’s talking about and jumped the gun on a potentially nonexistent social change.

His readers further fit into the category of ideological douchebags—arrogant, close-minded, individuals who like the sound of their own voices. And like the archetypical douchebag, Haque and his ideologues will insist that they’re right despite any evidence to the contrary. The chances are that Haques readers will merely nod their heads to his words and continue complaining about current events. Never does it occur to them to put their money where their mouths are, go out, and get politically active. For the political douchebag, thoughts always speak louder than actions.


Douchebag Public Figures-Takazumi Hikichi

I don’t know WHO this guy is or WHAT he does, but I’m adding him on a matter of principle.


Just browse through his blog. It’s like a Japanese version of Hot Chicks with Douchebags.

He even has a facebook.

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