Douchebag Public Figures–Silvio Berlusconi pt. 1

There are plenty of Type A douchebags in the realm of politics. That personality trait itself stays secluded in their private lives. However, some can’t help but let their douche stench take the center stage over their career.

Such is the case for Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. It can be said that all politicians have douchey tendencies, but rarely do they allow it to take precedence over their political positions, especially when it concerns their sexual escapades.

For one, Berlusconi throws parties that would make even Hugh Hefner feel like a gentleman in comparison. The paparazzi snuck onto his property and took photos of  female guests lounging near his pool fully nude. Included within these set of photos is a picture of former Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Toplonek, on the premises with full wood. (I’m not hotlinking these photographs. Look them up yourself).

Aside from this, the press has confronted Berlusconi of philandering on more than one occasion. They initially caught wind of a 42-year old escort and former actress’s claim that a friend recruited and paid for her to spend the night with Berlusconi. He denied knowing that she was prostitute and recited the douche mantra: “I have never paid a woman …I have never understood what satisfaction there is if the pleasure of conquest is absent.”

Veronica Lario, his wife, wrote an open letter criticizing her husband for hiring young, good-looking candidates with practically no political experience to represent his party during the 2009 European candidates. Instead of recognizing his foul, he decried his wife and demanded a public apology. Let that sink in: he was in the wrong and demanded an apology from his wife.

The drama surrounding his suspected extramarital affairs doesn’t stop there. It reached a crescendo when his wife’s last thread of patience snapped and she sought a divorce. The final action is still pending, but she cited his attraction to an 18-year old Noemi Letizia as her last grievance.

Whos Your Daddy?

"Who's Your Daddy?"

The girl at the center of the scandal reportedly refers to Berlusconi as “Papi,” the Italian word for papa. That being said, he either engaged in an act of mentorship inconsistent with his sleazy character, or has some incestuously kinky foreplay scenarios. In spite of this, Berlusconi swore on his sons that he would never engage in anything lewd with a minor. That would be a sound declaration had he not missed his sons’ 18th birthdays, but attended her’s.

It’s important to note that infidelity alone doesn’t completely brand one as a douchebag, but how they go about it is another. As Berlusconi demonstrates, a loud mouth and an uncontrollable libido go hand in hand with douchebaggery. Indeed, Berlusconi’s sexual escapades alone are what every douchebag hope to someday realize. No, but his douchebaggery doesn’t end just there. It’s difficult to count any of his traits that aren’t listed in the Encyclopedia Douchbaggita. He invokes in virtually every act in his personal life. Those acts of focus are for future entries.


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