Douchebag Fashion: Popped Collars

When asked how douchebags dress, popped collars come to mind. People have sported popped collars as early as the 18th century. The only difference is that they were originally called upturned collars. Just watch Amadeus.

Popped Collar: Origins

Popped Collar: Origins

The creation of the polo shirt reintroduced the upturned collar under its current name today. Famous tennis players and golfers unfolded their collars as a means of shielding their necks from the sun.

If celebrities are doing it, then why is the popped collar douchey? For one, a majority of its practitioners neither play golf nor tennis. In fact, the chances are slim that they play any sports at all. (Weight lifting doesn’t count).

Even if they don’t play sports, popped collars rarely serve any practical means. They remain upturned indoors and at night without any risk of sunburns. They’re just trying to look cool.

Further more, there’s a bourgeois connotation attached to popped collars. It’s more absurd for someone to deliberately appear preppy. And even if a person does come from old money, the current economic down turn justifies any ire directed towards the wealthy. After all, it’s fat cats who got America into this mess to begin with.

Also, it’s established that models and celebrities get away with fashion gambles that others can’t. Just look at any pedestrian wearing a garishly overpriced clothing line and say that they don’t look stupid.

Its okay. Hes famous.

It's okay. He's famous.

What’s worse is when douchebags starch their collars to ensure that they remain upright.

But the absolute zenith of popped collared douchebaggery is when someone runs the full extra lap and layers themselves with multiple polo shirts.

Dont hate. It took me half an hour to get dressed.

Don't hate. It took me half an hour to get dressed.

When confronted with how stupid they look; they’ll defend their fashion sense. A douchebag will insist that he looks awesome and accuse you of being a stupid twat for thinking otherwise. It makes no difference that women, strangers, and even some children will voice similar comments, they’ll continue with it until the bitter end.

At least until GQ says it’s out of style.

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